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Hercules is a project management system designed for small to medium-sized LSPs. It is intuitive and easy to learn, yet feature rich and highly customizable. HerculesShow More allows you to streamline your translation projects, from receiving a client request and issuing a quote to delivery of the final translated documents and invoicing. Information about clients and suppliers is easily accessible through the intuitive online interface. Setting up projects is easy: With Hercules, project managers can conduct complete projects without having to send a single email manually. Sending and receiving files is automated, eliminating the need for email attachments and cumbersome file transfers through FTP. Invoices from translators are processed automatically, significantly decreasing the administrative burden, saving hours each month and eliminating potential errors.

Project management systems tend to be difficult to learn and can be frustrating to work with. Hercules was planned and developed in consultation with experienced translation industry professionals who understand how LSPs and translators work and has been designed to make your life easier. Project managers and translators alike will love Hercules.

Hercules is continually being updated and improved based on feedback from users who work with the product on a daily basis, handling a wide range of demanding translation projects of all types and sizes.

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The Benefits of Hercules

With Hercules, you can:

  • Synchronize project files between the Hercules server and PMs’ computers
  • Generate quotes with a mouse click
  • Use customizable email templates
  • Import CAT analyses for automatic rate calculation
  • Exchange files with clients and translators
  • Automate invoicing, both to clients and from translators
  • Keep track of translator availability
  • Clone projects to save time
  • Receive client feedback
  • Customize and localize the client portal
  • Use your company’s logo
  • Generate reports to gain a better understanding of your income and expenses
  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online or Talenom

The History of Hercules

Hercules has been designed and developed by translation industry veterans, and it shows. Every feature is designed to make the life of project managers, translators and clients easier. Other solutions on the market can be unnecessarily complex, convoluted and unintuitive, as well as costly. To small or medium-sized language service providers wishing to reduce administrative overhead, improve productivity and reduce errors, Hercules will feel like a breath of fresh air.

What Clients Say

“I can sincerely recommend Hercules for any LSP that needs a robust, efficient, and user-friendly tool for efficiently managing their multiple projects. We have tried a number of commercial project management tools, but none of them seemed to completely match our requirements. Hercules offers exactly the functionality we need without any unnecessary clutter. The benefits we particularly appreciate are smooth integration with our accounting system and an easy way of editing and translating the customer portal texts and system emails – along with fast, unfailing help and support!”

“The project management portal that Thomas has implemented for us is such a great tool. It streamlines our process from start to finish. He is always available for questions. He is kind and professional. He is even open to suggestions on how the tool can be customized for your businesses specific needs.”


Small Team:
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